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Board President


Dr. Manuel is President of Develop Empower Smart And Mighty Youths (DESAMY) Inc, a global faith-based non-profit organization focused on educating and empowering young people to build a purposeful life to serve their communities. Tracey is highly experienced in communication management, relationships, stakeholder interaction, change management, team building, leadership, and processes.

Dr. Manuel’s commitment to helping others extends beyond DESAMY, where he serves as South Carolina state director of Information Technology Employer Oriented Education (ITEOE) International offering one of the most comprehensive, hands-on, result-oriented, innovative, employer entrepreneurial development training programs in the world.

Dr. Manuel uses the skills he has learned over his lifetime to influence corporate plans, priorities, and decision-making processes in support of foundation goals. By maximizing opportunities in the market, he can impact strategies, preferences, and decision-making processes that will help to enable DESAMY to achieve the common goal of improving the quality of life for kids through sustainable business solutions.

Tracey holds a doctorate in organizational leadership and development with a specialization in eLearning. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. He also has two master’s degrees in information technology and information management. Tracey served over 26 years in the United States Army Reserves, before retiring in 2018 as a Field Grade Officer. Tracey lives in Moncks Corner, South Carolina with his wife and daughter.