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Stevenson serves as academic coordinator for Develop Empower Smart And Mighty Youths (DESAMY), Inc. He coordinates with the Faculty of Education for upcoming changes and develops lesson plans and materials. He assists in screening and selecting faculty applications and collaborates with faculty to conduct new students’ evaluation.

He instructs students about the concept of civic duty and responsibilities. Also, he develops and manages a comprehensive academic support program for the assigned students. Previously, Stevenson worked at the Centre d’Etudes et de la Coopération Internationale as a data connector, where he was responsible for providing accurate and adequate information needed for business purposes. He executed database queries in SQL in response to stakeholders’ requests.

Born in Port Margot, Haiti, Stevenson is an influential young person who participated in several social and political activities in his community. In 2018 and 2019, he teamed with UNICEF for a major survey conducted in the north of the country to combat juvenile delinquency. Stevenson holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Psychoeducation and Psychology from the University of Haiti. He has a strong passion for academic growth to create a sustainable impact throughout the communities.