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Ruth serves as Chief Operating Officer who oversees all operational and administrative functions of Develop Empower Smart And Mighty Youths, (DESAMY) Inc. She provides oversight of the organization services that support organization’s management, human resources, curriculum of teachers’ webinars and seminars, and performance of tutoring program. She establishes policies that promote the organization’s culture and vision. Additionally, she is as a school counselor serving Broward County Public Schools in Hollywood, Florida. She assesses students’ needs and develops counseling approaches that improve the outcomes of students. She dedicates her professional life to helping students succeed with healthy goals, mindsets, and behaviors.

Ruth earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology where she worked for four years as an educationsupport specialist. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Social Work advocating for children welfare as a caseworker. She played the mentoring role at her church, providing guidance, advice, role modeling, and feedback to youth to become better versions of themselves.In her free time, she volunteered in activities in the most fulfilling ways such as donating items to charity shops and contributing food to the food bank. My passions are singing, playing the guitar, and reading new books.“I value individuals and I hope to bring change in their lives.”